My family

Let me pay here, tribute to my family, and specially to Bernard, my husband, who did all he could to keep me alive and at home with him, in spite of all hardship that it represents.

Bernard : after having taught mathematics at Paris university, as Professor, he is now retired, but still works as historian of mathematics. Stuck home, because of me, he cannot go to libraries, which is very embarrassing for an historian. We never found somebody to keep me whom he could trust enough to go away more than half an hour. I can say, without exaggerating that he has given all up for me.

Marie : neuro-pediatrician, she works at Nantes hospital as hospital doctor. Married since June 2005, to Serge Barth, computer analyst, she has a daughter named Amélie. Though specialized in children, she always knows how to help me, medically speaking, as she does for all the family.

Amélie : is born in May 2006. She has a brother Antoine and a sister Marion, children of Serge, who live a week with their mother, and a week with their father, in company of Marie and Amélie.

Olivier : has done lots of music during all his childhood. He was specially bright for organ. After engineer studies, he hesitated for a long time, between organist and a better-paid job. Finally he works now in the research department of a bank. Married since July 2003, to Sabine Turgeman, he plays lots of piano and replaces organists when he is asked for. Sabine works at the French Association against Myopathy.

Antoine : cellist, he stayed nearly four years in Nouméa (New Caledonia), as cello teacher, at the music school. Crazy about computing, and back from New Caledonia since June 2006, he is now preparing a Master at Paris university. But he still has the idea to get in an orchestra as cello player.

Jean : clarinettist, he is finally the only one of our children, who works entirely in music. He teaches in several music schools, does plenty of Tai-Chi and studies electroacoustics.

Anne : after having studied piano four years at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM), she has now finished her nurse studies. Music alone is not enough for her. Perhaps music can help some of the children she is in charge of. For the time being, she gives plenty of concerts with singers.