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Files and Folders
The Finder
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Making scanning panels I*
Making scanning panels II*
Files and Folders

A computer is organized as an entanglement of folders, the ones in the others. A folder can contain other folders or/and files. A file can be an article, a photo, a page of any application, etc…

In the computer’s hard disk (named Macintosh HD, it is the icon, top right of your computer’s screen, you should not open it, or if you do, do not change thing’s place) you have a certain number of folders, in which are “Applications” and “Users” folders. In the “Users” folder, you can find a folder with the name of the “Admin User” (the “Home” folder). In chapter “Finder” we will see how to reach rapidly “Home”, “Applications” and “Computer” folders.

A path is that entanglement of folders you have to open, to reach a file or folder ; the different folders that fit into one another (like Russian dolls), are separated by “/” signs. For example, the path to put in the right place “Keyboard and Mouse bis” panel, downloaded from “General points” or “Panel” is :

Home / Library / Application Support / Assistiveware Support / SwitchXS Scan Panels

In other words “Keyboard and Mouse bis” is to drop in “SwitchXS Scan Panels” folder, which you find in “Assistiveware Support” folder, which is in “Application Support” folder, which is in the “Library” folder, which you find in “Home”. And you can even go upper :

Computer / Users / Home

Knowing that “Home” folder, takes the name of the head user, or Admin (see chapter “System Preferences”).